Friday, November 7, 2014

War crimes of the Putin regime. Criminal orders to open fire on refugees.

An information resource of a Russian town Penza,  Penzainform published 1 November an important evidence of criminal orders that were given by Putin's regime during the fighting in the Donbass region.
The whole publication is a short note about three soldiers from Penza recently
demobilized from the military service on the border with Ukraine.

Here's a most important snippet of the publication:

    Firstov Eugene, who served on the border with Ukraine, helped maintain order in the Rostov region.  He listened to the sound of shots, repaired military equipment.  The recruit from Penza remembers especially  well the day when the Rostov customs explosion occurred.

"Me and a colleague were placed at the border, we were handed over a machine gun and we were ordered:
'The refugees are not allowed.  Shoot on them to kill.'

But we could not - you know, we would not have shot  at them. We just stood there with guns, people were running, and no one could do anything,"- said Eugene Firstov.

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The publication is already deleted, but there exist two cached versions:

Screenshot of the publication:

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