Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Russian soldiers dress in uniform of "militia" fighting for separatists in Donbass

One more evidence of Putin's methods of warfare. Russian soldiers dress in military uniform without chevrons, posing as "militia" from the Donbass region fighting for separatists. 

 Two days ago a screenshot picture showing  Russian soldier Victor Musalaev dressed  in the uniform of a  Donbass  "militia" appeared in the Internet. The photo was posted first on the homepage of Musalaev in a Russian social network VKontakte (Russian analog of Facebook). 
Here is this photo: 

 Two comments were posted under the photo.
A friend of Musalaev,  Vladislav Aptulaev asks:
    "Hi! Are you back to the old uniform?"
Musalaev replies:
   "Vladislav, we were given a uniform for Ukraine. We went there in the summer,
posing as militia. Now we will go
again  dressed in this uniform. "

This photo appeared in a blog of  kado4nikov

  The homepage of Musalaev is now deleted. But there  exist cached versions of it:

 Here is a screenshot of the homepage: 

Before, Viktor Musalaev was also active in Twitter. 
Here is his twit from 1 March 2014:
"We are waiting for the order to go to the war in Ukraine! President Putin made approval for Russian troops to enter into territory of  Ukraine!"



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