Sunday, January 31, 2016

Terrorist "republics" prepair under-aged children for military sevice

This post is an English translation of a paper which appeared in an online newspaper “”

Russian original of the paper:

DPR and LPR create battalions of children and adolescents 

Most young of participants are less than 10 yours

In the beginning of 2016 the Security Service of Ukraine informed that militants of the terrorist group “LPR” (Luhansk People’s Republic) formed a “children battalion” in the occupied city of Rovenky, Luhansk region. This statement was made by Vitaly Malikov who is a chief of the Anti-Terrorist Centre at the Security Service of Ukraine.   
The rights and freedoms of children are under the threat, militants engage under-age children into the ranks of the illegal armed groups. In particular, we know about a children sabotage unit named “The St. George battalion” which is located in the city of Rovenky. This battalion includes children which are between 12 and 16 years old,” – told Malikov.
This statement is not a fantasy but a reality. It is a true consequence of the militants’ work in the sphere of ”patriotic education”.  
The children living on the occupied territories of Donbas learn  to love the Motherland, to hate “Ukrainian fascists”. They are told how to kill them.  

The last part of  the text of the next photo reads: “The military sport club Russian Bears teached young patriots of Vuhlehirsk disassembling and assembling the Kalashnikov machine gun and Makarov gun. They gave also a lecture on performance characteristics of these weapons.”

The title of the next photo: ”Children’s military unit of the city of Horlivka”. The last part of the text below it reads: “The girls took part in different competitions together with more experienced participants: throwing knives; shooting a traumatic weapon; disassembling and assembling the Kalashnikov machine gun; rope crossing; shooting a grenade launcher.”

The “patriotic education” is being discussed during last year. “Donbass news” published several papers about this.
It should be noted that as much as four different ”ministries” on the territory of so called “DPR” (Donetsk People’s Republic) are engaged in such activity. And the ”patriotic education” on the occupied territories includes not only the glorification of such heroes  as terrorists Zakharchenko, Givi or Motorola and not only signing songs about the Motherland under DPR-colored flags.
The ”military patriotic clubs” which were created by following examples of similar Soviet clubs play a big role in such an education. But old-fashion pioneers’ games “Zarnitsa” where children searched alleged “enemy headquarters” in the forest are now replaced by real learning of handling of light and artillery weapons. Russian citizens are often instructors of such a teaching and separatists’ media openly tell about this.
For example, the footage devoted to training camps “Survival in the forest area” of military patriotic organizations shows how children wearing military weapons train to work in pairs and triples, how to use the pattern of terrain for most effectively attacking the enemy. And this enemy is not an illusory “potential enemy” but a real Ukrainian. An instructor from Moscow is leading the process, the chief of the patriotic education center “Brotherhood of nations” Yurii Afanasjev who was spotted before in clashes in Kodor clove, at present the territory of not recognized republic of Abkhazia.
The footage shows both boys and girls running with machine guns under the guidance of another instructor Arnold. The militants say in the video interview that they do not teach to handle weapons but to work in a team and to train  physical conditions. But the video demonstrates the converse.
A similar “patriotic education” with weapons in hands exists in Horlivka where girls called themselves Amazons and learned to shoot a grenade launcher. They even showed their skills in Moscow.
A military-patriotic club ”Russian bear” is actively developing in the last times. According to the organization itself, it existed even in “faschist times” (i.e. before the war) as an underground activity. In DPR times it engaged in patriotic education. The chief of it is Oleg Gluschenko, former TVE instructor in a Donetsk metallurgic lyceum. Besides excursions and sport competitions this club provides a training in shooting.  
An  agitational  footage of this club shows even more impressive picture.

It shows how adolescents learn to handle a howitzer D-30 under guidance of men in the camouflaged uniform. In particular, they learn how to impose the target on a goal.
How dangerous are games with weapons?
In 2015, militants of the illegal armed group ”Prizrak” “took care” of a daughter of one of them, Bogdana who is 12 years old. According to the girl herself, she makes a meal to militants, serves them tea and coffee, she learns bandaging the wounded. The girl writes also poetries where she uses such words as “fascist”, “Nazi”, “junta”. She learns also to shoot at “fascists”.  
A video with Bogdana (in Russian) is here:
The girl speaks at the camera that she does not want to live in Ukraine because “animals, not people live there” and she shoots with pleasure to the side where there are “fascists” according to her instructors.
One can assume that not only Bogdana traumatized by the war and manipulated by adults experience such feelings but also a part of those children who learn to shoot, to crawl with a gun and to love their country through the hate of enemies. The reality of “children sabotage units” seems to be not so fantastic.

An expert opinion

A chief of a voluntary organization “Donbas SOS” Alexandre Gorbatko told as a commentary to the “Donbas News” that the hostilities have traumatised children from both sides of the demarcation line. Such traumas can be characterized by covertness. They can be not manifested during long time and children are used not to speak of them with adults.
In the territory under control of Ukraine such problems are taken into attention, although it is not enough resources to cover large groups of people.
”I strongly cannot accept how the children traumas are handled in the occupied territory. The exercises with battle weapons cannot compensate them. Moreover, an image of enemy is created in children’s heads, an image of a man to whom they turn barrels of guns and cannons. This happens at the same time as they speak about reconciliation and Minsk agreements,” – Gorbatko tells. 
Alexandre recalls that there are military-patriotic games in Ukraine also. But they never include handling of weapons, especially by under-aged school children.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Secret mission of Russian special forces in Ukraine

On Friday, December 5, an Ukrainian activist Evgeniy Dokukin and Ukrainian Cyber Forces, the hacktivist group he founded earlier this year, released 1.7GB of files taken from the Russian Interior Ministry.
Here is a link to revealed documents:

A fact that these documents are a real deal can be supported not only by report of Dokukin himself
in his Facebook timeline but also by analysis of leaked documents:

One of most important documents in this collection is a police account  giving an evidence of the invasion of regular Russian Armed Forces to Ukraine. This document was described in
my recent post:
see also the investigation by referred to above. 

 Now, I describe another extremely interesting document from the leaked collection. It gives another evidence, now that of very strong involvement of Russian special services in military actions in Ukraine through well planned terrorist acts.

 This is a report of a Russian police officer Taran about an accident on August 9, 2014 in a town Belaya Kalitva in  Rostov region (this town is located at about 40 km from Ukrainian border). Here is a shortened description of  the accident according to this report.

  August 8 at 11pm a police station in Belaya Kalitva received a telephone message telling that a car  Niva, license plate Т 111 АВ 99, is violating traffic rules. A police patrol was sent to the scene and detained the car at  0.15am on August 9. During the inspection of the car the police officers found a large arsenal of weapons in it.
Namely, they found:
- a grenade launcher and 4 rounds to it with  4 powder charges;
- an automatic Stechkin pistol together with 4 shops with 80 cartridges;
- another pistol, Makarov with a total of 49 cartridges;
- a Kalashnikov rifle AK-74 with a total of 34 cartridges;
- a night vision sight.
Besides all this policemen found  one more thing in that car which is the most important evidence, an Ukrainian car license plate,  ВВ 6014 СЕ 8.
There were two men in the detained car, the driver and a passenger, both were dressed in camouflage uniforms.
They had no documents with them. Neither driving licenses nor ownership documents for the car.
They refused to explain the origin of the weapons found in the car.
They refused to present themselves and tell  their personal data, referring to the fact that they are employees of some Russian special service  and they perform a secret mission.
From the words of men in the car, the driver  has the call-sign "Little Ukrainian" and the passenger is "Cadet",  he is also the leader of the group. The leader "Cadet" had three mobile phones with him.
Finally, an outer inspection of the car revealed that its license plate was spoofed by a sticker, right license  plate was Т 181 АВ 99.

  What could be a special mission of two James Bonds in a car filled with weapons and an Ukrainian license plate in a town at 40 km from the Ukrainian border? I think, the answer is obvious. At that time, a large part of the Ukrainian border was not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. Entering into Ukrainian territory without any  inspection of the car was no problem. And what was a purpose of this group on the Ukrainian territory is absolutely clear....

Here is a Russian original of the report. It can be downloaded from the link (3rd document)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A proof of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. A police report on soldiers wounded on the territory of Ukraine

5 December 2014 Ukrainian hackers uploaded a large collection of documents from a server of the Rostov department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
The information on this was posted by Eugene Dokukin  in his Facebook timeline:
The full archive of documents is now available at Google Docs: 

Among other documents, this collection contains an operative report of Lieutenant Colonel of MIA I.Trofimenko about emergencies in Tarasovskoe district of Rostov region on August 25, 2014.
Here is the description of the event set out in the report:

The plot: 25 Aug 2014 about 3.50 pm  during the performance of official duties a fact of injury occurred during clashes with the forces of the National Guard of Ukraine 10 km northwest of village Prognoy Tarasovskoye district. Wounded are private contract servicemen of  military unit №51182 Polstyankin MV, Volgin O., Alekseev JA, Gerasimenko AA, serving at m.u. 51182 in Millerovo.
At 6.52 pm  25 Aug 2014 Russian Armed Forces helicopter
Mi-8 evacuated wounded  to the Rostov garrison military hospital.

  Furthermore, the report describes the nature of wounds of soldiers and  informs that Polstyankin died from injuries.
 Here is a facsimile of the report:

A direct link to the folder containing this report:
A place where the injury happened can be easily found on a map. Namely, one sees that the location 
"10 km northwest of village Prognoy" is on Ukrainian territory! 

Therefore, servicemen from Russian military unit 51182 entered Ukrainian territory and  clashed with Ukrainian National Guard. A indisputable definition for this is A MILITARY AGGRESSION. 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What is inside wagons of Russian "humanitary convoys"

 Starting from August 2014, Russia is sending huge "humanitarian convoys" to Donbass region. These convoys consist of huge white wagons. No one inspect what is inside them when they cross the Ukrainian boundary which is not controlled by the government.  There is a strong opinion that Russia uses these convoys to deliver weapons and military equipment to occupied territories.

26 February, Viktoria Nuland, an Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US Department of State, said in an interview to Meduza news agency that  the Russian "humanitarian aid" sent to Donbass region  apparently consists of fuel for tanks and gear for soldiers.

Here are several photo and video documents which support her statement.

A recent video recorded 22 November in Donetsk. It is a record of a surveillance camera showing a street of Donetsk.
One can see on this video that a great white wagon from "humanitary convoys" rides the street and it is
followed by two big guns:

Another video from 17 November shows unloading of a white wagon of seventh convoy from Russia. At 1.01 one can  see big tires and at 1.18 some radar equipment.

Next video from 11 September (the second "humanitary convoy") shows what is inside white wagons of convoys. A military car at 0.37 and green military boxes at 0.58:

Two more photos showing what is inside white wagons of "humanitary convoys":

There are also many different reports of witnesses saying that convoys deliver projectiles for multiple launch rocket systems. One such a recent report came from an activist Dmitro Snegirev who refers to witnesses in Luhansk. Reference in Russian:

Friday, November 21, 2014

A new level of Russian aggression. Shelling of Ukrainian positions from Russian territory.

20 November 2014. Information of TV channel TSN. 

For the first time during the truce, the positions of Ukrainian military forces were powerfully fired from the  territory of Russia.  The explosion was so powerful that stuff from the checkpoint is still hanging on the  trees. A dug-out of  fighters ATO near the village Stanitsa-Luganskaja was  completely blown by explosion.

Shells released from the territory of Russian Federation by Russian gunners dropped today to  Stanitsa Luhanskaja, in the Luhansk region. According to ATO headquarters, it was the first shelling  from the territory of Russia since the signing of the Minsk agreements. Shells destroyed the dug-out at a  checkpoint. A metal trailer, which was embedded in the ground, just shattered to pieces. 

Frontier-guards recorded three shellings by the Russian Federation. They first noticed the preparations
for the attack  and managed to notify in advance the military servicemen, whose positions were located in the direction of fire. "The shelling continued for five hours. Before firing the territory of Ukraine was
lighted up by two spotlights," - says the head of the Border Service "Stanichno Luhansk" Gennady Kravchuk.
Shelling destroyed a dug-out at a checkpoint. A metal trailer embedded in the ground shattered to pieces,  some of them are hanging on trees. A current generator and supply of provisions were partially destroyed.  By a miracle, the military did not suffer  because they moved to another shelter a few minutes before.  In general here, near the Stanitsa  Luhanskaja, a few kilometers from the border, the military keep as real  fighters. But they are complaining about the lack of weapons.

Russian original:

More details about this shelling appeared in the publication of

Local inhabitants of a village Valuiskoye (in Ukraine) were warned about shelling from the territory of the Russian Federation by their relatives living in the village Stanitsa Mityakinskaya in Rostov region (Russia).  They noticed that the Russian military install 4 multiple launch rocket
systems "Grad"  near the village. They were directed to the Ukraine. The shelling of the Ukrainian territory began exactly at 00:00.  This call saved the life of a woman and her neighbors.
The shelling  destroyed six houses in the village Makarov and nine in Valuisky, five of which cannot be restored.

Russian original:


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Russian soldiers dress in uniform of "militia" fighting for separatists in Donbass

One more evidence of Putin's methods of warfare. Russian soldiers dress in military uniform without chevrons, posing as "militia" from the Donbass region fighting for separatists. 

 Two days ago a screenshot picture showing  Russian soldier Victor Musalaev dressed  in the uniform of a  Donbass  "militia" appeared in the Internet. The photo was posted first on the homepage of Musalaev in a Russian social network VKontakte (Russian analog of Facebook). 
Here is this photo: 

 Two comments were posted under the photo.
A friend of Musalaev,  Vladislav Aptulaev asks:
    "Hi! Are you back to the old uniform?"
Musalaev replies:
   "Vladislav, we were given a uniform for Ukraine. We went there in the summer,
posing as militia. Now we will go
again  dressed in this uniform. "

This photo appeared in a blog of  kado4nikov

  The homepage of Musalaev is now deleted. But there  exist cached versions of it:

 Here is a screenshot of the homepage: 

Before, Viktor Musalaev was also active in Twitter. 
Here is his twit from 1 March 2014:
"We are waiting for the order to go to the war in Ukraine! President Putin made approval for Russian troops to enter into territory of  Ukraine!"



Saturday, November 15, 2014

34 moments of war

34 images showing war in Ukraine in 2014. Used soundtrack is a live record of the main theme from Max Payne performed by an Ukrainian fighter "Fang" on an old piano in an abandoned house near the Donetsk airport.
Original recording is here:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

OSCE cooperates with Russian invaders in the Donbas region. Several evidences

 Here are several evidences showing that OSCE is not working independently in Ukraine  but closely cooperates with Rissian terrorists which invade Donbas region of Ukraine.

13 June 2014.
Russian terrorists used an OSCE car when they  captured  administrative buildings of town Perevalsk in Donbas region. This is fact is confirmed by the video where a correspondent from Perevalsk tells about details of the capture of buildings. An OSCE car is shown on video from Perevalsk.

1 October 2014.
A car of OSCE was used to transport Russian terrorists in Donetsk. This is shown on the video from Russian 1st TV Channel telling about fights for Donetsk airport (see video from 48 sec).

A screenshot of the video:

Later on, OSCE recognized this fact on its homepage.

5 November 2014.
This day a shelling happened in a school sport ground in Donetsk. As a result, two shcool children
were killed. In a subsequent report about this incident, OSCE inspectors claimed that all shells that hit a school sports ground killing two and wounding several people, were fired from a location NORTHWEST of the school.
The report does not say which side performed shelling, but northwest direction points toward the positions of Ukrainian  army and this report of OSCE was used by Russian media to blame Ukrainian troops in this incident.
On the other hand, an investigation performed in a blog Ukraine@war shows that the direction of shelling is other than OSCE report claimed, namely, that shells were fired from a location NORTHEAST of the shcool. This direction points to territories controlled by Russian troops. The following map shows the possible sector of shelling:

(a bold yellow line shows a borderline between territories controlled by Ukrainian forces, left to it, and Russian terrorist forces, right to it).

Link to blogger investigation:

8 November. 
One more photo showing OSCE inspectors together with Russian terrorists appeared in Twitter:

9 November.
The following short message appeared in Twitter:
"F..k off.  An  OSCE car drove by Makeevka road and 3 minutes after it dozens trucks, APCs, artillery. Everything toward Donetsk, with the Russian flag."

The second comment to the message says:
"My girl friend works in Victoria, she said they drink along with the separatists,  f..king observers"

10 November. 
It has emerged that observers in Ukraine from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have informed Russian army officers of the location of Ukrainian military units. 
In a report from November 10 by the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine, the organization said it had met on November 9 with Ukrainian and Russia representatives of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) and had informed JCCC members about heavy artillery and tanks it had observed in the area of Karlivka, a village near Donetsk city that is under the control of government forces.
Here is an exact quotation from the report: 
 On 9 November the Ukrainian and Russian Federation representatives of the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) in Krasnogorovka (35 kilometres west of Donetsk) said that shelling of Donetsk and its suburbs took place on 8 November. The SMM informed the JCCC members about heavy artillery and tanks observed in the area of Karlivka. The SMM will continue to follow up with the JCCC.
In other words, 
OSCE informed Russian officers about the location of the positions of the Ukrainian army.   
What is this if not espionage?

Report of OSCE from 10 November:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Evidence of Russian agression against Ukraine. Use of railways to deliver weapons.

A new level of Russian war against Ukraine is reached. Delivery of weapons and ammunition from Russia is now performed by railways.

Russia does not lose time using the fake "truce" for the importation of arms and ammunition to the Donbass region.
Transportation of ammunition is performed now not only by  trucks of "humanitary convoys" but also by rail.
The  pictures below show unloading of shells for rocket systems "Grad" from rail waggons in Donetsk.

Pictures are published 5 November by Vova Mayorov from Donetsk in his homepage of Russian social network VKontakte (Russian analog of Facebook). Link to the publication:
Homepage of Vova Mayorov:
1 is a part of the logo of Russian railways company "Russian Railways":
2 is a logo of  Rissian rail transportation company “Federal Freight":
Article in Russian Wikipedia about this company
The boxes on this image contain shells for rocket systems "Grad".

One can see on these images that the police of Donetsk is helping to unload the ammunition.

 Pictures uploaded by Mayorov have embedded geolocation. The following screenshot shows where in Donetsk unloading is performed.
See also a twit:
and a Russian source of information:

War crimes of the Putin regime. Criminal orders to open fire on refugees.

An information resource of a Russian town Penza,  Penzainform published 1 November an important evidence of criminal orders that were given by Putin's regime during the fighting in the Donbass region.
The whole publication is a short note about three soldiers from Penza recently
demobilized from the military service on the border with Ukraine.

Here's a most important snippet of the publication:

    Firstov Eugene, who served on the border with Ukraine, helped maintain order in the Rostov region.  He listened to the sound of shots, repaired military equipment.  The recruit from Penza remembers especially  well the day when the Rostov customs explosion occurred.

"Me and a colleague were placed at the border, we were handed over a machine gun and we were ordered:
'The refugees are not allowed.  Shoot on them to kill.'

But we could not - you know, we would not have shot  at them. We just stood there with guns, people were running, and no one could do anything,"- said Eugene Firstov.

  No comments are needed ...

The publication is already deleted, but there exist two cached versions:

Screenshot of the publication: