Friday, November 21, 2014

A new level of Russian aggression. Shelling of Ukrainian positions from Russian territory.

20 November 2014. Information of TV channel TSN. 

For the first time during the truce, the positions of Ukrainian military forces were powerfully fired from the  territory of Russia.  The explosion was so powerful that stuff from the checkpoint is still hanging on the  trees. A dug-out of  fighters ATO near the village Stanitsa-Luganskaja was  completely blown by explosion.

Shells released from the territory of Russian Federation by Russian gunners dropped today to  Stanitsa Luhanskaja, in the Luhansk region. According to ATO headquarters, it was the first shelling  from the territory of Russia since the signing of the Minsk agreements. Shells destroyed the dug-out at a  checkpoint. A metal trailer, which was embedded in the ground, just shattered to pieces. 

Frontier-guards recorded three shellings by the Russian Federation. They first noticed the preparations
for the attack  and managed to notify in advance the military servicemen, whose positions were located in the direction of fire. "The shelling continued for five hours. Before firing the territory of Ukraine was
lighted up by two spotlights," - says the head of the Border Service "Stanichno Luhansk" Gennady Kravchuk.
Shelling destroyed a dug-out at a checkpoint. A metal trailer embedded in the ground shattered to pieces,  some of them are hanging on trees. A current generator and supply of provisions were partially destroyed.  By a miracle, the military did not suffer  because they moved to another shelter a few minutes before.  In general here, near the Stanitsa  Luhanskaja, a few kilometers from the border, the military keep as real  fighters. But they are complaining about the lack of weapons.

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More details about this shelling appeared in the publication of

Local inhabitants of a village Valuiskoye (in Ukraine) were warned about shelling from the territory of the Russian Federation by their relatives living in the village Stanitsa Mityakinskaya in Rostov region (Russia).  They noticed that the Russian military install 4 multiple launch rocket
systems "Grad"  near the village. They were directed to the Ukraine. The shelling of the Ukrainian territory began exactly at 00:00.  This call saved the life of a woman and her neighbors.
The shelling  destroyed six houses in the village Makarov and nine in Valuisky, five of which cannot be restored.

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