Saturday, December 13, 2014

Secret mission of Russian special forces in Ukraine

On Friday, December 5, an Ukrainian activist Evgeniy Dokukin and Ukrainian Cyber Forces, the hacktivist group he founded earlier this year, released 1.7GB of files taken from the Russian Interior Ministry.
Here is a link to revealed documents:

A fact that these documents are a real deal can be supported not only by report of Dokukin himself
in his Facebook timeline but also by analysis of leaked documents:

One of most important documents in this collection is a police account  giving an evidence of the invasion of regular Russian Armed Forces to Ukraine. This document was described in
my recent post:
see also the investigation by referred to above. 

 Now, I describe another extremely interesting document from the leaked collection. It gives another evidence, now that of very strong involvement of Russian special services in military actions in Ukraine through well planned terrorist acts.

 This is a report of a Russian police officer Taran about an accident on August 9, 2014 in a town Belaya Kalitva in  Rostov region (this town is located at about 40 km from Ukrainian border). Here is a shortened description of  the accident according to this report.

  August 8 at 11pm a police station in Belaya Kalitva received a telephone message telling that a car  Niva, license plate Т 111 АВ 99, is violating traffic rules. A police patrol was sent to the scene and detained the car at  0.15am on August 9. During the inspection of the car the police officers found a large arsenal of weapons in it.
Namely, they found:
- a grenade launcher and 4 rounds to it with  4 powder charges;
- an automatic Stechkin pistol together with 4 shops with 80 cartridges;
- another pistol, Makarov with a total of 49 cartridges;
- a Kalashnikov rifle AK-74 with a total of 34 cartridges;
- a night vision sight.
Besides all this policemen found  one more thing in that car which is the most important evidence, an Ukrainian car license plate,  ВВ 6014 СЕ 8.
There were two men in the detained car, the driver and a passenger, both were dressed in camouflage uniforms.
They had no documents with them. Neither driving licenses nor ownership documents for the car.
They refused to explain the origin of the weapons found in the car.
They refused to present themselves and tell  their personal data, referring to the fact that they are employees of some Russian special service  and they perform a secret mission.
From the words of men in the car, the driver  has the call-sign "Little Ukrainian" and the passenger is "Cadet",  he is also the leader of the group. The leader "Cadet" had three mobile phones with him.
Finally, an outer inspection of the car revealed that its license plate was spoofed by a sticker, right license  plate was Т 181 АВ 99.

  What could be a special mission of two James Bonds in a car filled with weapons and an Ukrainian license plate in a town at 40 km from the Ukrainian border? I think, the answer is obvious. At that time, a large part of the Ukrainian border was not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. Entering into Ukrainian territory without any  inspection of the car was no problem. And what was a purpose of this group on the Ukrainian territory is absolutely clear....

Here is a Russian original of the report. It can be downloaded from the link (3rd document)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A proof of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. A police report on soldiers wounded on the territory of Ukraine

5 December 2014 Ukrainian hackers uploaded a large collection of documents from a server of the Rostov department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
The information on this was posted by Eugene Dokukin  in his Facebook timeline:
The full archive of documents is now available at Google Docs: 

Among other documents, this collection contains an operative report of Lieutenant Colonel of MIA I.Trofimenko about emergencies in Tarasovskoe district of Rostov region on August 25, 2014.
Here is the description of the event set out in the report:

The plot: 25 Aug 2014 about 3.50 pm  during the performance of official duties a fact of injury occurred during clashes with the forces of the National Guard of Ukraine 10 km northwest of village Prognoy Tarasovskoye district. Wounded are private contract servicemen of  military unit №51182 Polstyankin MV, Volgin O., Alekseev JA, Gerasimenko AA, serving at m.u. 51182 in Millerovo.
At 6.52 pm  25 Aug 2014 Russian Armed Forces helicopter
Mi-8 evacuated wounded  to the Rostov garrison military hospital.

  Furthermore, the report describes the nature of wounds of soldiers and  informs that Polstyankin died from injuries.
 Here is a facsimile of the report:

A direct link to the folder containing this report:
A place where the injury happened can be easily found on a map. Namely, one sees that the location 
"10 km northwest of village Prognoy" is on Ukrainian territory! 

Therefore, servicemen from Russian military unit 51182 entered Ukrainian territory and  clashed with Ukrainian National Guard. A indisputable definition for this is A MILITARY AGGRESSION.