Friday, November 7, 2014

Evidence of Russian agression against Ukraine. Use of railways to deliver weapons.

A new level of Russian war against Ukraine is reached. Delivery of weapons and ammunition from Russia is now performed by railways.

Russia does not lose time using the fake "truce" for the importation of arms and ammunition to the Donbass region.
Transportation of ammunition is performed now not only by  trucks of "humanitary convoys" but also by rail.
The  pictures below show unloading of shells for rocket systems "Grad" from rail waggons in Donetsk.

Pictures are published 5 November by Vova Mayorov from Donetsk in his homepage of Russian social network VKontakte (Russian analog of Facebook). Link to the publication:
Homepage of Vova Mayorov:
1 is a part of the logo of Russian railways company "Russian Railways":
2 is a logo of  Rissian rail transportation company “Federal Freight":
Article in Russian Wikipedia about this company
The boxes on this image contain shells for rocket systems "Grad".

One can see on these images that the police of Donetsk is helping to unload the ammunition.

 Pictures uploaded by Mayorov have embedded geolocation. The following screenshot shows where in Donetsk unloading is performed.
See also a twit:
and a Russian source of information:

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